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love u baby

This site has always been soley OUR opinions.

The site was put online in support of Neroli Endacott (Foster Mum) who dedicated the past twelve years caring for damaged, abused, disabled, and/or neglected children in care of the Department of Families.

Neroli, known by one & all as Ma is one very special Lady.

We wish to acknowledge Neroli's commitment, her unwaivering dedication,
caring for, loving and protecting over 100 precious little souls

Ma's support network:
Emotional, practical, financial and physical support came from:
Ma's own grown family, Rhonda, her wonderful neighbour & friend with a heart bigger than anyone's we know.
Relatives and friends.
Special thanks to Helen, Nan and Dot, very caring ladies.
Your continued encouragement gave Ma hope and faith in her belief:
All children deserve to be kept safe, secure and loved unconditionally.

To the Mum's & Dad's, thank you for having faith in Ma.
Ma always does what she says though sometimes you may not have seen her reasoning at the time - Ma always tells the truth and comes through with promises.
To all you wonderful children who shared in our lives as our extended family & continue to keep in touch with us & Ma.

Thanks to many others not mentioned by name for obvious reasons - you know who you are. :)
We sincerely thank you for your help, support & valuable advice.
Special thanks to Departmental Staff who continue to support Ma.
To other Foster Parents who regularly keep in touch, along with the many people we have met since the site went live - our sincere thanks to you all.

We live with the hope the future will bring a resolve of outstanding issues and a closure, so that all parties can move forward in a healthy, positive manner in the best interests of the children.

All the people we have met and spoken to over the time the site has been online have the same focus:
Abuse - in or out of care - must STOP!
WE as caring responsible individuals need to take action and ensure "our children" are kept safe, secure and loved.

Our Thanks and Blessings to all.
From ~ Neroli's Support Team
and our Extended Family ~ All the children Ma has cared for.

Thank you "J" for asking you all be mentioned. :)

To answer everyone's emails and phone calls from those we were unable to make contact with.
Our sincere apologies you were not informed of the changes to this site.
Please believe, content was removed in everyone's best interests.

A little something our Mother Neroli told us:
Remain true to yourself,
Be honest and open with others.
For that which you love,
For that which gives you hope,
Always remain strong...

Thanks Ma/Neroli ~ You are a Legend! Love you heaps.

love u baby
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Created ... January, 2004

The Crime & Misconduct Commission’s recent report on
“Protecting Children – An Inquiry Into Abuse of Children In Foster Care” – available for viewing:
CMC Report
This report uncovered instances where children in care have suffered abuse and/or neglect.
Time for a Royal Commission??