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Online Disclaimer  This web site is based on the opinions of the writers.
The site is maintained by Family members and Friends of Neroli Endacott. (referred hereafter as 'Family & Friends Support Group' or "FFSG")
For general information/suggestions/comments/questions or complaints about this website, please send email to:
"Family Support"

This web site has now been changed to respect our Mother/Friend - Neroli's wishes.

1)The cost of caring for children in care for the Department of Families is obviously not recognised by our Government.
Let us hope the "new culture" will make significant changes in the best interests of the children.

2) We continue to have faith.

3)We acknowledge apologies given to Neroli.
The Department of Families apologised
for their negligence and lack of support
to Neroli while caring for large sibling groups.
Sadly, apologies do not pay the banks.

We trust decisions will always be in the
"Best Interests of The Children".

We will attempt to keep information on the site accurate and updated at all times and make sincere efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided but can not make guarantees of the same.
All parties providing information to the site warrant that the copying, distribution and use of such materials in connection with the site will not/does not violate any other party's proprietary rights.

In the main, all surnames, addresses (email and other) will be withheld unless otherwise deemed necessary within the context of the data to be relevent to be left in OR agreed in writing and approved by the person to whom it relates.
Any mistakes, misprints or situations that any party deems this site is breaking confidentiality, State or Federal laws, or in fact any laws - please contact "FFSG" for immediate removal.

Certain pages maintained on the site are the sole responsibility of the persons (named within their page - eg: Support person, ex Foster Child, other Foster Parents) who have chosen to make information publicly available on the web. These pages and the opinions or information contained within are the creation of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the "FFSG".
The material contained on the site is provided for reference and/or information purposes. Links placed on the site at the descretion of the "FFSG", are deemed, informational relating to the data herein or for common interest, and are placed online at no cost to the individual, organisation or service.
The "FFSG" has no intent to violate any party's proprietary rights.
Any Individual, Business or Organisation who is unhappy with any of the content of the site can contact the "FFSG" for negotiation for the removal of the same.

Any images, text or content is negotiable for removal if found to be violating any copyright/personal/child protection or any laws of the Australian Government.

Proof of ownership of said property or complaints of copyright violations should be forthcoming and documentation made available to support claims please.

Thank you for your tolerance and understanding.

Family & Friends of Neroli Endacott's Support Group.

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